4 Ways to Get Your Kids to Practice Before They Hate You

4 Ways to Get Your Kids to Practice Before They Hate You

“If you don’t practice I’ll put these drums on craigslist! How would you like that?  Oh and by the way the Xbox will be listed too!”

Maybe you’re conversations with your kids haven’t reached that level, but you’ve been close. Now imagine your child being excited to practice, even asking you when they can practice next.

As with all humans, if you want your child to do something, there must be an incentive. Your kids might be little but you can only trick them into practicing a few times before they’re onto to you. However, if you can find the right incentives you can get them to practice.

Here are 4 proven ways to get kid your kids to practice almost anything

Creating a Great Mindset

As I am writing I can’t help but think of how important this is and how many times I failed miserably at it. Putting your kids in the mindset of success is crucial for getting your kids to practice.

There have been numerous studies showing that by simply telling a group of students they were selected because they showed a potential for greatness, increased their test scores. In one study the teacher told the students the school year would start easy with review and then they would have a period of struggle and that would lead to great growth during the last quarter of the school year. When students struggled throughout the school year they were reminded that this was essential to the great growth that was coming. Like clockwork during the last quarter the students scores improved. The children were learning that struggle wasn’t something to be avoided but that it was the precursor to a reward. 

Give them Freedom Mom and Dad just shut up!

“Freedom is not worth having if it does not connote freedom to err.” -Mahatma Gandhi


Every kid wants to be older than he or she really is, because with age comes freedom. Being nagged during practice is overwhelming. When you’re constantly giving instruction kids tune out!

Nearly everyone has trouble concentrating during lectures. (the same thing happens to you at work meetings). So if you’re having a hard time retaining your young grasshopper’s attention during practice, give them the gift of freedom! No input from you!

Watch this awesome video of Sydney Crosby’s game he made up in his basement. A perfect example of a childs ability to motivate themselves.

Let them know that while they must practice, they are free to play anything they want. Even if it’s just noises. It not only gives them freedom, but allows them to be creative and use their imagination.

“The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.” -Albert Einstein


Make it a Game Create an Avatar

Kids love video games. My son loves sports games. One of the first things he wants to do is create a player. Screen Shot 2014-02-15 at 11.28.37 AMMy son knows that he can get more skill points for his player by, playing the game completing practice sessions and tasks. I get updates constantly like this Dad my vertical went from 60 to 78. I can dunk now! This can easily be used to get your kids to practice their instrument. Do it today! Get a poster board, draw/print an avatar and list the skills below.

The skills can range from 0-5 or 0-100. Skills can be anything related to what your practicing for an instrument it can be scales, reading music, dexterity, or speed.


Use this tip when finding or creating an avatar have your child pick out 2 or three then have them list in order the which ones they like the most. You will give them the avatar they like the least. Give easy tasks to complete through practice to upgrade to the next avatar. this should be something they can do within one week. Maybe just practicing for 10 min 4 days in a row. That’s how most video games start. They give you easy wins and then the game gets harder and harder. Your kids will be excited to practice so they can upgrade their avatar skills and appearance!

The allure of fame

“Fame is like a VIP pass wherever you want to go.” -Leonardo DiCaprio


Everyone at some point wants to be famous especially kids! Now with the emergence of websites like youtube anyone can have a shot a fame. Youtube makes it so easy toyoutube star post and share your videos. It’s a great way to get your kids to practice. Tell them if they learn a song you will record them and put them on youtube! Of course you can use youtube to show it to Grandma an Grandpa too!


One more tip

The best thing you can say to your child is

I love to watch you…

Children love knowing you are paying attention to their achievements. What’s important is that you enforce the work and effort used to get those achievements and not simply the results.  Here are a few I’ve used.

  • Hustle
  • Concentrate
  • Overcome
  • Show discipline
  • Have fun

What are some of the words you use to fill in the blank?

Online Drum Lessons You Should Know About

Online Drum Lessons are making every drummers life a lot easier.

It wasn’t long ago when getting drum lessons was a real chore. You had ask around or call the local music store to get drum lesson. That meant you most likely were stuck driving 30 minutes to practice in a dimly lit room and forced to play only a practice pad for 6 months to a year.

Those lackluster lessons could cost anywhere between $10-$40 per lesson. Yikes! Fortunately those days are gone. You have options! There are hundreds of lessons available and dozens of teachers with lots of different styles and personas. So which one’s are right for you? Well we’ve rounded up some of the best online drum lessons on the internet. Let’s dive in!

Our Favorite Online Drum Lesson Sites

Mike’s Lessons
 The undisputed king of online drums lessons. Maybe the king of all drum instruction in general. Mike first began posting video lessons on youtube for his students and before he knew it he was getting thousands of views. That gave Mike the idea that maybe he could teach students online as well as in person. Mike is the only drum instructor to appear on the cover of Modern Drummer Magazine. Lesson range: Beginners -Advanced. The Cost $19.99 monthly

Drumeo is another titan in the online drum lessons community. Originally freedrumlessons.com Drumeo gained a huge following from youtube. Drumeo states they have had over 90,000 drummers sign up for their lessons. Drumeo has many drum instructors but the face of the company is Jared Falk. One of the great things about Drumeo is their ability to get big name drummers to drop by and teach from the Drumeo studios. Thomas Pridgen, Tony Royster Jr, Cobus and Mehtal Cohen have been featured at Drumeo. Lesson range: Beginners -Advanced. The Cost $29.96 per month or $197 for a year long membership

Drums The Word This drum lessons site is focused heavily on learning actual songs, which is why we learn to play drums in the first place. Drums The Word offers traditional drum instruction as well as learning songs. Although the production level may not be up to par with some of the big boys, the drums instruction is clear, concise, and easy to follow. Lesson range: Beginners -Advanced. The Cost: Lots of lessons are free and there are many lessons packs and individual lessons available for purchase.

Joe Crabtree Teaches the drum styles of drum gods like Steve Gadd and Vinnie Colaiuta. Joe offers weekly drum lessons which are available with subscription. Lesson range: Beginners – Advanced. The Cost $9.99 monthly

Carlito Mendoza  The 2012 Guitar Center Drum off winner teaches you his advanced drumming concepts. If you don’t have at least a couple of years under your belt these lessons will most likely be too advanced for you. However, if you are looking for lessons to to take you beyond your comfort level, this is the place for you. Juan has been a public school music teacher for several years and his experience as an educator shows in his lessons. Lesson range: Intermediate -Advanced. The Cost: lessons are purchased individually and can be bought in packs as well.

JP Bouvet Music The 2011 Guitar Center Drum-Off Champion and Berkley School of Music attendant covers a wide range of drumming styles. Drumming styles are taught in depth and often span several weeks. While all levels are taught most lessons would require an intermediate level. JP’s soothing style makes even advanced concepts easily understood. Lesson range: Beginners -Advanced. The Cost: Lessons are purchased individually and as lessons packs

Stephens Drum Shed Stephen offers drum lessons 5 days a week. Lessons range from beginner to advanced Stephen was a member of the band Lovers and Liars. He also has a degree in Jazz Studies. Stephens calm no-nonsense approach to teaching gives his students a very efficient drumming experience. Joining Stephen’s Drum Shed gives you access to all video lessons past and present he also offers students reviews. Lesson range: Beginners -Advanced. The Cost: $25 per month

Orlando Drummer Offers drum lessons for the intermediate to advanced level drummer. Adam has large and loyal following on youtube where he also posts drum lessons. The drum lessons are heavily influenced in linear style aka gospel style. The lessons are clear and very easy to understand. Lesson Range: Intermediate-Advanced The Cost: lessons can be bought in packs or individually.

The Drum Coaches These drum lessons are geared specifically for gospel style drummers (finally). If you are in awe of drummers like Aaron Spears, Calvin Rogers, and Spanky McGurdy this is the place for you. The lessons are lots of fun and filled plenty of laughs, and the chops are nasty. Lessons library gets incremental updates. Lesson range: Beginners -Advanced. The Cost: $19.99 monthly, there are also lesson packs available.

The Black Page This is more of a drummer magazine than a lessons site however, they do have lots of drum lesson videos that are completely free. Lesson Range: Beginner-Advanced   The Cost: Free

Drum Guru Lessons from well known artist such as Aaron Spears, Steve Gadd, Mike Mangini, Steve Smith, and more. The lessons range across many different topics. If your dream was to get a lesson from a living legend be sure to check them out. Lesson Range: Beginner-Advanced The Cost: Lessons are sold individually and as lesson packs

The Drum Channel DC has loads of free lessons from many working professional drummers like Rich Redmond, Greg Bissonette, and Cobus. The lessons cover a wide variety of topics form begginer to advanced. A great feature is that you can choose what camera angle you want to watch the lessons. Lesson Range: Beginner-Advanced The Cost: $4.99 monthly however free lessons are available

Your Music Muse Youtube drum star Dylan Taylor headlines the lineup of drum instructors on this site. Most lessons are organized in course form to ensure students learn with long term goals. The site covers all ranges of drum lesson topics. There are also free lessons available. Lesson Range: Beginner-Advanced. The Cost: $19.99 monthly

John X Drums John is a member of the Vic Firth Education Team. Johns X Drums delivers a traditional form of online drum lessons. John teaches all styles of drumming. Fundamentals are taught in a clear pleasant delivery. John has many free lessons available on youtube. Lesson Range: Beginner-Advanced. The Cost: $16.95 per month.

I Can Play Drums Jack Bennett offers 250 free drum lessons on nearly every drum style, with email registration. The lessons are clear and easy to understand. Lesson Range: Beginner-Advanced. The Cost: Free The website also offers many drum lessons packages for sale.

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Let’s face it it’s a great time to be a drummer! Technology has made it so easy to level up your drum skills. You can still get lessons from that dingy music store, or get lessons from the privacy of your own room. The great thing is you have choices and lots of them. Be sure to check back with us as we update this list with even more resources.