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These simple drum lessons are made specifically for beginners who want to learn how to play drums. Each week we will post a free online drum lesson in FULL HD. Drum Lessons range from how to setup up your drums to Inverted paradiddle grooves. It’s fun and simple.

Student of the Month: Claire

Where do you live?  Chicago, Illinois.

How old are you ? 11

How long have you been playing drums? 1 year

What kind of kit do you have? I have a Pearl Export drum kit. 2 cymbals and 1 ride. 2 rack toms, 1 floor tom, snare, bass, bass pedal (pearl series), and 2 hi- hats.

What do you love most about playing drums? What I love most about playing the drums is that, nobody can tell you that it’s wrong. Your the controler, and you have total control of the kit. Even if your actually bad, chances are you’re going to get better. There is also no limit in being good or bad.